Anti-Reflective Coating Benefits

ar coatingsA lot more goes into selecting the perfect prescription glasses than simply turning in your prescription and choosing a frame. The type of lense you choose for your prescription eyewear is important, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of anti-reflective coating to get the most out of their eyewear.

Anti-reflective coatings (also known as anti-glare or AR coatings) are designed to minimize the amount of light reflected in your lenses. The coatings are applied either to the front, back, or both sides of your lenses so that the maximum amount of positive light reaches your eyes, giving you the clearest possible view. 

Benefits of Anti-reflective coating include:

  • Cosmetic perks! With AR coatings, not only will you see better, you’ll look better too! AR coatings eliminate the reflections that hide your eyes in your prescription eyewear, making your eyes much easier to see. You’ll also be much more photogenic!
  • Sharper vision - Anti-reflective coatings give you clearer and sharper vision that’s more brilliant and natural than what you’ll find in an uncoated lense.
  • Reduced eye fatigue - Anti-reflective coating helps reduce eye strain and fatigue at work. They’re great for individuals who spend long workdays using computers, which cause considerable eye strain. Because the anti-reflective coating protects your eyes against glare, your eye strain is dramatically reduced.

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