Color your face with stylish new lenses. Why colorful glasses are in style.

glassesThese days, eyewear does much more than just improve our vision and perception. For many people, the look of the eyewear we choose showcases our personality and personal style. So, what do the hottest on-trend colorful frames say about you? Here's a little about what your choice in eyewear color could represent:

The color you choose can change other people's first impression and perspective of you. Brightly colored eyewear gives off a pretty bold statement - suggesting self-confidence and fun. Here are a few ways specific colors represent your personality:

  • Red: This exuberant and fun color refuses to be hidden among the crowd. Red captures the confident side of you, and red eyeglass frame wearers love that they're perceived as bold, powerful and not afraid to stand apart from the crowd.
  • Pink: A soft color representing a kind, compassionate nurturing side as well as fun.
  • Green: A happy, warm color that fills the wearer and the viewer with positive vibes.
  • Blue: Depending on the shade of blue, this color represents either a calm and quiet demeanor or in a bolder shade, evokes loyalty, confidence, and trust. Choose blue if you want to appear confident to those around you.
  • Black: Classic, powerful, and bold.

Regardless of the color that is most attractive to you, it is important to know which color temperature works best for your skin tone, skin color, hair, and eyes. A personal consultation with a professional eyewear consultant is vital in discovering what works best in your perfect eyewear.