Tortoiseshell is New Black Eyeglasses

by Nicole Stevens

cle glassesHistory tends to repeat itself, and this is most true in fashion specifically.  A comeback we never saw coming has exploded among young and old eyeglass wearers across the globe; tortoiseshell eye glasses! The turtle-esque design adds that perfect pop of “wow!” to an otherwise boring facial accessory. The style is made to mimic the speckled design of some turtle shells, with colors of calming amber, honey, and mottled yellow.

One of the best parts of these trendy frames is they’re unisex! A nice face fitting tortoiseshell frame looks good on any man or woman. It can bring out eye color, soften a harsh look, and they apparently never go out of style on any gender. Along with the versatility in the frame for men and/or women, tortoiseshell glasses work for the younger to much older generations. In today’s fashion, it gives off the hipster-chic vibe which is directed primarily at the younger generation. And for the older generation, it sticks with a classic style that can’t be out done.

These frames come in all shapes and size to choose from; from round to square, even aviator and for the real vintage lover, cat-eye. So ditch the drab, boring, old black frame and get fit with some new vintage tortoiseshell glasses today!