What the shape of your face tells about which glasses to purchase

face shape glassesEvery human face is unique. Knowing which eyeglass frames the best flatter your own unique features makes hunting down your perfect pair of eyeglasses a breeze.  Discovering your own face shape with the assistance of an eyeglass professional is the very first step, and we've put together a few tips to help you do just that.

Take a look - Get a close look at your face shape in your mirror or take a selfie with your phone to get a good idea of all of your face shape from every angle. Be sure to relax your face thoroughly and keep your hair out of the way for the most accurate view.

Outline your face shape - Using tracing paper or an app developed specifically to precisely outline your face, discover what your exact face shape is.

Learn what works best for your face - If you have an oval face, you’re blessed with an exciting blank canvas that can wear just about any style with confidence. Relish the opportunity to play around with various textures, angles, and colors to accentuate your very best features.

with round faces enjoy youthful features that coordinate best with contrasting geometric style eyewear. Thinner frames in rectangular shapes add length to your face.

Folks lucky enough to be born with heart-shaped faces feature high cheekbones and well-defined narrow chins. With your heart shaped face, you can choose from a variety of playful looks with frames that reach wider than your forehead or thinner temples will enhance the symmetry of your face.

Square faces are blessed with well-defined angles that are softened and complemented by oval or round shaped frames. Square faces can enjoy experimenting with semi-rimless and even cat-eye style eyewear.


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