Eyewear Repair

At Clear View Optix, we promise to offer our clients only superior eyewear of the utmost quality, while realizing that the possibility exists for all sorts of mishaps to occur. Should you find yourself in need of a repair following your purchase, rest assured our service guarantee will have you smiling back at your reflection as quickly as possible.

We are intimately familiar with our trusted designer brands and welcome the opportunity to make repairs or adjustments to your eyewear. During your consultation, you will be provided with the contact information of your "go-to" professional repair consultant and references for alternative eyewear should the need arise.

If you are in need of eyeglass repair or adjustments, please contact Ron at Clear View Optix at (352) 259-6789 or reach out to us through our contact form.

Eyeglass Repair | Clear View Optix | The Villages, FL